R.N. Wedgwood Pty. Limited was incorporated in 1969 in Sydney by Rick Wedgwood, to facilitate the provision of commercial aviation services.

Avalon Air Services was registered in 1998 and incorporates Caboolture Flying School.

Since then Avalon has specialised in training students for Instrument Ratings, initially Command Instrument Ratings and then with the introduction of Private Instrument Ratings (PIFR) in 2000 quickly established a reputation for appreciating the totally different techniques required to present effective Private Instrument Rating training. An Australia wide reputation was established owing to the company providing appropriate services to the Business Pilot, i.e. providing time effective (and cost effective) intensive training, utilising the Pilot’s own aircraft, and providing the appropriate ground training for the pilot’s intended operations.

In keeping with the philosophy of catering to the inter-state business pilot, the company provides links from this web site to various accommodation sources in the area, and offers a free Courtesy Car to out of town pilots undertaking Avalon’s full time courses.

Today Avalon provides PPL, CPL, NGT VFR, tail wheel endorsement, and aerobatic courses.

Avalon provides advanced training at Redcliffe, offering ground and flight training in courses for CIR, PIFR, Initial Multi Engine Endorsement, Flight Instructor Ratings, Use of Oxygen, GPS, Pressurisation, Glass Cockpit and Gas Turbine Endorsement.

Avalon also undertakes Aerial Photographic work with the photography being conducted by AbovePhotography.


Chief Flying Instructor: Cameron Ross

Cameron obtained his CPL in 2001, Flight Instructor Rating in 2001, and Instrument Rating in 2002. He has specialised in Instrument Rating training (Ground, Synthetic Trainer and Flight Instruction) for over a decade.

Cameron Ross at flight school