IRMEA – About The Course

This rating is for the Commercial ( or aspiring Commercial ) Pilot. This rating requires all the privileges to be gained simultaneously. Therefore it is initially much more demanding than the PIFR.

The theory examination is set by CASA, there are several options regarding the study required. Your training instructor has many hours of IFR experience in actual IFR operations throughout Australia, so the training you receive will reflect this, and not be totally academic.

cockpit where multi engine instrument training occurs
Minimum Requirements for you IR include:
  • 5 hours Night including 1 hrs minimum PIC, otherwise your rating is endorsed Day Operations Only
  • 20 hours Cross Country IF time.
  • 40 hours total IF time
  • 50 Hours Cross Country time as PIC
  • Meet the syllabus and proficiency requirements of CASR Part 61.885

Prior to undertaking the flight test you must pass the CASA IREX examination. We hold IREX classes to help you pass this exam, see more in our “Ground Training” page

Synthetic Trainer

Up to half of the instrument time may be obtained in our Synthetic Trainer.

Flight Training

Ask how in 3 weeks you can do our Multi Engine Instrument Rating Course which includes: Night, Multi Class, and IF hour requirements.

Flight Test

Advanced Flying Training is conducted at our Caboolture Facility, for more information and bookings ring CFI Cameron Ross, 0438 862 992.

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